Mystery Man

On April 10, I posted a photo of the Giants welcoming Chris Cagle in 1930.  There was one player I identified as Hal Hilpert (behind Friedman). Now I’ve found a 1935 photo of the Giants welcoming back Harry Newman after a year out due to injury. I can identify every player in this photo except one mystery man – 15 Walt Singer, 3 Len Grant, then Danowski behind Steve Owen, 14 Tod Goodwin, 12 Newman, then a mystery man partially obscured by Newman and 7 Mel Hein.

1935 Giants Welcome Newman back

To me the mystery man looks like the same player I identified as Hal Hilpert in the 1930 photo. The problem is, Hilpert was not on the Giants in 1935.  Only 4 players were on both the 1930 and 1935 rosters – Red Badgro, Bill Owen, Dale Burnett, and Len Grant. Of those, Burnett and Grant are already identified in a photo.  The mystery man does not look like Red Badgro or Bill Owen.  So who could it be?  Could it be Wellington Mara?  I’ve put a photo lineup together – Hal Hilpert, Mystery Man 1930, Mystery Man 1935, young Wellington Mara.  Maybe someone could help solve this mystery!

mystery man

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