Update to Mystery Man in photos

Several people suggested that it was not the same player in the 1935 photo as appeared in the 1930 photo. If that’s the case then it seems to me the most likely identification of the 1930 mystery man remains Hilpert, and the 1935 mystery man is most likely Tony Sarausky. The best photo I have of Sarausky is from the 1935 team picture – it’s printed so it’s not as clear – but for comparison I put it in place of the Wellington Mara photo on the right.   Plus, if you look at the original picture, Sarausky is standing behind Newman – Sarausky is listed as 5′ 11″ at 192 lbs and Newman as 5′ 10″ at 182 pounds.  To the right of Sarausky is Mel Hein listed as 6’2″ at 225, so the height and weight look right for Sarausky.

mystery man 21935 Giants Welcome Newman back

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  1. Dave Sarausky says:

    It is Tony Sarausky

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