1933 Championship Game Program

If someone had asked me twenty years ago what I most hoped to find in collecting football artifacts I would probably have mentioned my father’s 1933 Diamond matchbook and the 1931 Giants home program with his picture on the cover. The matchbook proved easy to find. The 1931 program took five years to find and another five years to acquire – the owner wouldn’t sell it but eventually I was able to find something he wanted and make a trade. Certain other items I didn’t even know existed, like the program for the 1930 game where the Notre Dame All Stars played the Giants to benefit the Mayor’s Fund for the Unemployed. I would count that among the key finds along with a group of photos that made their way from the home of a former Giants’ front office employee into my collection – photos of the 1932 Giants signed on the back by each player, including my father. But most recently, the Wednesday before the Super Bowl, the program below came up for sale – a Buy It Now item on eBay – which I was fortunate to see shortly after it was listed and purchase. I had seen this program come up for sale once before and missed out on it. But to see an example that was signed by a number of the Giants and with my father’s autograph so well placed -I did not imagine such a piece existed. It came from the estate of Max Krause, who also signed it. After twenty years I feel my collection is complete!

1933 Championship signed

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  1. Dennis Johnson says:

    Absolutely fascinating.

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