Election Day in Buffalo 1929

In 1929 the New York Giants traveled to Buffalo for an Election Day game against the Bisons. This post shows the announcement of the game in the program from the Sunday prior, plus a flyer that was distributed to drum up attendance for the Election Day game – with Music to Enliven the Occasion. I was especially interested in their description of my father – “Happy ” they called him – of the Carnegie Tech “Wonder” Eleven. My father did play for Carnegie in 1922, but most of his football career was at Grinnell College. Maybe they were thinking of the 1926 Carnegie squad. In 1926, the 6–2 Carnegie Tech football team shut out Knute Rockne’s undefeated Notre Dame Fighting Irish 19–0 at Forbes Field. It would be the only loss for the Irish all season and only the second time they allowed a touchdown that season. The game was ranked the fourth-greatest upset in college football history by ESPN. But, in 1922 Notre Dame beat Carnegie 19 – 0. No wonder there. It was, however, the first game where the Notre Dame backfield, later immortalized as the Four Horsemen, lined up together in a game.

Here’s the November 3 program cover, announcement, and flyer



And here is the cover and roster from the Giants at Bisons game two days later






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