The 1926 NFL Championship

Before 1933, the NFL championship was determined by the best winning percentage of league games. This created some problems in prior years when schedules were not set in stone and games could be added at the end of the season. In 1925 the Chicago Cardinals added a few games against a Milwaukee Badgers team that was so weak they had to recruit high school players to finish the season – that and the suspension of the Pottsville Maroons for playing an exhibition game in Philadelphia made for a very controversial championship. In 1926 there was no major controversy and the championship was won by the Frankford Yellow Jackets. This was my father’s rookie year, and he was the leading scorer for the team before being sidelined for a few games with an injury.

Coming into December, Frankford had was 12 – 1 -1 and the Chicago Bears were 11 – 0 – 1 so the December 4 games between these two league leaders was looked upon as the championship game, even though several more games remained on the schedule which could have altered the outcome.

Frankford beat the Bears 7 to 6 and went for a win and a tie in their last two games, giving them a 14 – 1- 2 record over the second place Bears at 12 – 1- 3. For winning the championship each team member was given an engraved watch.

Also the team was treated to an evening at the Allegheny Theatre to see the new Hollywood block-buster “One Minute to Play” starring Red Grange.  What a night!

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