Other Early Football Items

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The 1887 Yale Football Team - Captain Harry Beecher holding the ball.

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The first football card
1888 Goodwin champtions
Harry Beecher, Yale

Bronko Nagurski was a champion wrestler as well as a Hall of Frame football star.

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Bronko was part of a coat advertising campaign along with other All Americans in 1929, including future NY Giant Chris Cagle

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The 1936 Packers got both a Wheaties premium and a beer label

1936 Packers Wheaties.jpg (104131 bytes)

1936 Packers Rahr Brewing label.jpg (187714 bytes)

In 1928 an Italian tobacco company included cards picturing New York University players, including future Giant Ken Strong (below right)
1928 NYU card Italian-2.jpg (125098 bytes) 1928 NYU Strong card Italian-2.jpg (125120 bytes)
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