Francis D. “Hap” Moran
1901 - 1994

Pro Football Career Highlights

1926 Frankford Yellow Jackets
  NFL Champions

1927 Chicago Cardinals

1928 Pottsville Maroons

1929 - 1933 New York Giants
  1933 Eastern Division Champions

  In 1930 Hap set the NFL record for
     the longest run from scrimmage
     91 yards, NY vs. Packers 11/23/30;
      he was also an All Pro Honorable Mention

  In 1931 he was the Giants scoring leader
      and named an All Pro Halfback

  In 1933 he set the NFL record for
      Most Yards Receiving in a game
      114 yards, NY vs. Eagles 10/15/33

1934 Paterson (NJ) Panthers

1936 Paterson Panthers Head Coach

2019 (for the 100th Anniversary of the NFL)
Named #22 Best-ever Pre-WW II Halfbacks

College Football

1922 Carnegie Tech

1924 – 1925 Grinnell College
      2021 Inducted into the Grinnell College Athletic Hall of Fame

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1929 Packers at Giants
  Hap #48

1932 Giants at Portsmouth
  Hap #22

NY Giants 1992 Interview with Hap Moran

1999 Article about Hap Moran
  In the magazine of the Professional Football Research Association

2006 Article about Hap Moran
  In The Duke, a magazine of the New York Giants

Hap Moran at Pro Football Reference

Sunnyside Park (Queens) Youth Football
  Hap was their coach

2021 Induction Grinnell College Athletic Hall of Fame

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December 14, 1930

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October 17, 1925 Giants at Frankford program

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